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Description – Styling M (2x1ml)

Centrale Fillers presents Stylage M (2x1ml) without lidocaine is distributed by Laboratoires Vivacy. This reticulated corrective gel for deep to moderate wrinkles belongs to a complete range of aesthetic care products: Stylage S, Stylage L and Stylage XL, more or less concentrated in Hyaluronic acid.

Thanks to the performance of the technologies used, an annual injection is sufficient to restore subsidence due to age and fill age-related cracks. Perfectly tolerated because it is composed of biodegradable ingredients, Stylage M without lidocaine can also be used for a treatment carried out using an injection for labial or nasal remodeling.

Central Fillers fights against counterfeiting and is committed to the traceability of the items it distributes. As required by the Quality Charter, expiry dates, EU standards and batch numbers are systematically checked.

Product properties

Stylage M is a facial product composed of cross- linked Hyaluronic Acid concentrated at 20mg/g. The use of IPN-Like® technology extends its duration of action while the use of hyaluronic acid, hydrophobic, stimulates the natural hydration of the skin over the long term .

The addition of Mannitol allows the gel to spread evenly and the trace elements compensate for vitamin deficiencies responsible for sagging in the dermis area.
An antioxidant has the property of preventing harmful chain reactions caused by free radicals. They are “bulletproof” for the body. Some components of Stylage M have an “antioxidant effect”

Target areas


This treatment is suitable for the correction of the entire face:

– Eyebrow straightening

– Crow’s feet, dark circles and periorbital wrinkles (eye area)

– Reshaping of nasal tips and bumps

– Re-tilt of the nose

– Wrinkles of cheeks, nose and lips

– Filling of the cheeks

– Increase in lip volume

Application Protocol

To be effective on moderate or severe wrinkles (fillers), and to avoid undesirable effects Stylage M without lidocaine must be injected into the area between the middle dermis and the deep dermis , preferably by a doctor or an authorized professional.

Note: although the most serious cases require a touch-up within 30 days on the patient, the action of the gel lasts on average 9 months for a filling. A cream can be used according to the advice of your practitioner or doctor.

This treatment must be carried out by an authorized practitioner. Bruising and swelling are sometimes observed after the injection of the gels as undesirable effects: it is therefore advisable to stop taking anticoagulants and anti-inflammatories five days before the appointment to avoid any undesirable effects.

Stylage M without lidocaine cannot be administered to a minor patient, to pregnant women or breastfeeding a baby and presenting an inflammation of the skin or an allergic ground under penalty of undesirable effects and disorders.
In case of contact with the patient’s eyes rinsed thoroughly, otherwise severe visual disturbances.




Results/Effects – Stylage M (2x1ml)


This product durably moisturizes the patient’s skin, lips, which over time struggles to regenerate. The face appears instantly more rested and rejuvenated and the lips more hydrated.

The effects last up to 12 months according to studies conducted by VIVACY laboratories.

Its gelled texture and optimal fluidity make it an effective product (hydration, filling, volume) for the patient providing the skin with all the nutrients it needs to be healthy and volume. You can also use products such as a cream from Vivacy laboratories or certain organic products under the recommendation of a doctor or qualified professional to avoid particular problems (adverse effects).

Composition – Styling M (2x1ml)

Composition: The Stylage M box contains 2 pre-filled glass syringes and needles. This material is disposable and sterile.

  • 2 pre-filled syringes of 1ml
  • Cross-linked hyaluronic acid – Concentration 20mg/g
  • Patented IPN-Like+ technology
  • Mannitol
  • Needles 30G ½ As a post-treatment supplement, you can also use treatments from the Vivacy range such as Vivavyn’s Hyalu Calm cream, according to your practitioner’s advice, which can have an antioxidant effect.

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